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WARNING: We posted the results from the wrong run on this page (when we hadn't quite matched the parameters, specifically one of the versions used property based refinement and the other didn't), so they don't match the paper. I have the CSV files for the right run, but I forgot where I put them.
For now, you can replicate the results in the paper using the OVA appliance linked on this page.

QEST 2023 STAMINA Full Results

On this page, you will find a full listing of the results. Results are also downloadable in csv and OOXML Spreadsheet (XLSX) format. Results are delineated by Runtime, Pmin/Pmax and number of states generated.

Note, a summary in the differences we found between PRISM and STORM, without STAMINA involved, can be found here.

Model files available here.

If you wish to replicate the results yourself, you may do so using the OVA Virtual Machine Appliance available here.


Download CSV

Probabilities (PMin and Pmax)

Download CSV

State Count

Download CSV