Privacy Policy

We don't store any data about you, track you, or include any cross-site trackers. We do include fonts from the Google font API and use Kwes as our form backend on the about page, and although we tried to choose these services such that they will respect your privacy as well, we can't guarantee that they aren't tracking you either.

We do store two cookies via the JavaScript localStorage API. These are non-identifiable and store only your color scheme preference (light or dark mode) and any custom API URL you use for the STAMINA API. This is so that you can use our online portal to run STAMINA on either the instance(s) that we host, or an instance you host yourself. You can set up your own instance of the STAMINA API from the code on its GitHub.

Additionally, this website is hosted on GitHub Pages, which has a privacy policy that can be accessed here. Again, since this is a third-party service, we cannot guarantee that they aren't tracking you. Because we care about your online privacy, we'd like to include some tips for online privacy that you can use.

Tips for Online Privacy

The following are Josh's tips for online privacy: