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Welcome to the STAMINA Wiki. Here you will find information about using STAMINA, developing with STAMINA, and STAMINA use cases. Additionally, you will find information about building models, the types of models STAMINA works well for, and information about the hazard circuit systems we used to test it.

This wiki is not API documentation. STAMINA does have API docs, which are located here for STAMINA/STORM and here for STAMINA/PRISM. However, those docs are generated using Doxygen, which is a slightly bloated and inefficient system. This wiki is written in vanilla HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and so it should be faster and more efficient than those.

STAMINA/STORM and STAMINA/PRISM are completely different codebases. Despite similar purposes, functionalities, and naming conventions, they are two entirely different pieces of software.
STAMINA/STORM integrates with the STORM model checker, and therefore uses it's API to both read models and explore states. STAMINA/PRISM operates likewise on top of the PRISM model checker's API. While we have tried to create a unified frontend for both model checkers, not only do they have different options, there may be slight nuanced differences in how they interpret models and the order in which they explore states.

Getting Started

You may be interested in one of the following common pages: