Infinite state-space truncator which generates a probability within a window
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stamina::gui::OperandInformation Struct Reference

Static Public Attributes

static const OperandAndDescription binaryOperands []
static const OperandAndDescription unaryOperands []

Member Data Documentation

◆ binaryOperands

const OperandAndDescription stamina::gui::OperandInformation::binaryOperands[]
Initial value:
= {
OperandAndDescription("&", "AND Operand")
, OperandAndDescription("|", "OR Operand")
, OperandAndDescription("U", "Until Operand")
, OperandAndDescription("+", "Addition Operand")
, OperandAndDescription("-", "Subtraction Operand")
, OperandAndDescription("*", "Multiply Operand")
, OperandAndDescription("/", "Division Operand")

◆ unaryOperands

const OperandAndDescription stamina::gui::OperandInformation::unaryOperands[]
Initial value:
= {
OperandAndDescription("!", "NOT Operand")
, OperandAndDescription("F", "Eventually Operand")
, OperandAndDescription("G", "Always (globally) Operand")
, OperandAndDescription("X", "Next Operand")
, OperandAndDescription("-", "Numeric Negation Operand")

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