Infinite state-space truncator which generates a probability within a window
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stamina::util::ModelModify Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 ModelModify (std::string originalModel, std::string originalProperties, bool saveModifiedModel=true, bool saveModifiedProperties=true, std::string modifiedModel=modelFileDefault, std::string modifiedProperties=propFileDefault)
 ~ModelModify ()
std::shared_ptr< storm::prism::Program > createModifiedModel ()
std::shared_ptr< std::vector< storm::jani::Property > > createModifiedProperties (std::shared_ptr< storm::prism::Program > modelFile)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ModelModify()

ModelModify::ModelModify ( std::string  originalModel,
std::string  originalProperties,
bool  saveModifiedModel = true,
bool  saveModifiedProperties = true,
std::string  modifiedModel = modelFileDefault,
std::string  modifiedProperties = propFileDefault 

Constructor for the model file modifier

originalModelThe path to the original model file
originalPropertiesThe path to the original properties file
saveModifiedModelWhether or not to save (or rather, not delete) the modified model file
saveModifiedPropertiesWhether or not to save (or rather, not delete) the modified properties list
modifiedModelThe file where we store the modified model
modifiedPropertiesThe file where we store the modified properties

◆ ~ModelModify()

ModelModify::~ModelModify ( )

The destructor for the model modifier

Member Function Documentation

◆ createModifiedModel()

std::shared_ptr< storm::prism::Program > ModelModify::createModifiedModel ( )

Creates the modified model

◆ createModifiedProperties()

std::shared_ptr< std::vector< storm::jani::Property > > ModelModify::createModifiedProperties ( std::shared_ptr< storm::prism::Program >  modelFile)

Creates the modified Properties

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