Infinite state-space truncator which generates a probability within a window
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stamina::core::Options Class Reference

#include <Options.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static bool checkOptions ()
static void setArgs (struct arguments *arguments)

Static Public Attributes

static std::string model_file
static std::string properties_file
static double kappa
static double reduce_kappa
static double approx_factor
static double prob_win
static uint64_t max_approx_count
static bool no_prop_refine
static std::string cudd_max_mem
static std::string export_filename
static std::string export_perimeter_states
static std::string import_filename
static std::string property
static std::string consts
static std::string export_trans
static bool rank_transitions
static uint64_t max_iterations
static uint64_t max_states
static uint8_t method
static uint8_t threads

Detailed Description


Member Function Documentation

◆ checkOptions()

bool stamina::core::Options::checkOptions ( )

Checks validity of options

Whether all options are good

◆ setArgs()

void stamina::core::Options::setArgs ( struct arguments arguments)

Sets the values of these options again

argumentsCommand-line arguments to pass in

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